Information & Policies

The school year term begins in September and ends in May.  Students are encouraged to continue their training in the summer so that they may continue their progress.  The instructor will determine class placement, as well as the student’s readiness to go on pointe.

Please supervise your young dancer until they enter the classroom.  They should be picked up promptly at the end of the class.

Healthy snacks are permitted only for students who have extended class times and they must be kept in their lockers or dance bags.  Drinks should be limited to water (water bottles are great & may be taken into the class room). No gum please.

Lockers are available in the dressing room.  There is a $25 non-refundable fee which includes a combination lock (the lock remains property of CBA) renewable in July.

Parking is available on the north and south sides.  For our dancers safety, please enter from the east side, exiting to the west.  Please do not block the drive.

Curriculum and Attire

The ballet technique taught at Classical Ballet Academy is a combination of various schools including French, Russian and Cecchetti methods.  Students are carefully placed according to their age and ability.  Pointe work will begin only when the student has reached the level of physical maturity and development necessary.  Correct training, begun at the correct age is extremely important to insure proper technique and to avoid injury.  All students on pointe are required to have a minimum of two technique classes per week.

Dance attire for Ballet classes is solid color leotard, pink tights (black tights are fine for older students) and pink ballet slippers.  Hair must be in a ponytail or bun for levels up to Ballet II.  Dancers at Level III and higher are required to have their hair in a bun secured with a hairnet & bobby pins. 

Jazz & Tap students are fine to wear leotards and tights, any color.  Snug fitting dance pants & approved dance tops are acceptable.  Baggy shirts and shorts are not acceptable.  Tan jazz shoes with a heel should be worn for jazz dancers. Tap students may wear our Velcro strap tap shoes.  Level 4 & older may wear tap oxfords. Level 5, 6 & 7 should have oxfords, but may also wear tap shoes with heels. Hair must be in a ponytail or bun.

Lyrical/Modern Dance and Contemporary dancers should wear solid color leotard and footless tights that cover the knees.  No shoes except for Level 1/2.  Hair should be in a ponytail or bun.

Hip Hop dancers can wear comfortable clothes, pants or tights that cover the knees.  Hip Hop 3/4 will wear our black dance sneakers.  All others will wear jazz shoes.

Please put your dancers name in shoes, coats and anything else that could be left at the studio.  We are happy to contact you when we find them here.  Please no bracelets and necklaces.


Performing is an essential part of dance training.  We encourage performing as the opportunity arises.  Each year a Spring Performance is held in May.  Costume Prices are $70 per class* for all levels through elementary age & $90 for middle school & high school ages.  All dancers pay one production fee of $60.

Norman Dance Theatre is our Ballet Company directed by Julie Blacksten.  Each year auditions are held for committed dancers who are taking at least twice a week ballet classes.  Performances include The Nutcracker Ballet & Tea Party; performances are also been held at elementary schools, OU basketball games, The Blue basketball games, festivals, etc.  We have also traveled to London to perform in conjunction with the Olympic games, and New York City to perform at Lincoln Center, both with the Performing Arts Educators.   

We also have a competitive team that attends 3 competitions per year.  Dancers are offered opportunities to perform in solos, duos, and trios.  Various instructors are the choreographers and are lead by Shoshannah Kilian.


Registration Fee is $40 per year, for the first student and $20 for each additional family member.  This fee includes the dancer’s performance t-shirt that they will wear for the grand finale’ in our Spring Performance.

A Deposit is due at the time of enrollment, with the registration fee to secure a place when registering. This is the last month’s tuition and will be applied towards May 2020.   Monthly payments will then be charged on the 2nd of each month, September through April, or you may opt for the automatic draft program that goes through your bank.  ACH forms are available in our lobby at the desk. Also available, is a semester payment paid by check, credit/debit card, or cash.

 All tuition, fees and costume are non refundable.  Tuition paid after the 10th will be considered late and charged a $20 late fee.  If you need an exception to the payment date, please speak to someone in the office.

Monthly Price List Per Student

1x30 minute class per week $30

1x45 minute class per week $60

1x 60 minute class per week $65

2x45 minute classes per week $105

2x60 minute classes per week $115

3x60 minute classes per week $165

Weather Cancellation Policy

Classical Ballet Academy will determine cancellations due to dangerous weather conditions as they arise.  When in doubt, please check emails, website, or voicemail after 1:30 pm to see if we will be having classes.  Any class that is cancelled may be made up in another class within 2 weeks of the cancelled class.



Please note: We follow the Norman Public School holidays

August Open House

August 22 - Norman Dance Theatre Auditions

August 22 - Pointe to the Future Dinner & Organizational Meeting; 8th-12th grade

August 25 OU Saturday Youth Class Audition

September 2 - No Classes (NPS Labor Day Holiday)

September 3 – First Day of Classical Ballet Academy

September 13 - Audition prep for those students auditioning for OU Nutcracker

September 14 - OU Nutcracker Auditions

October 9-12 – Fall Break

October 25 6-8:30pm – Halloween Dance Clinic for ages 3-7th grade

sponsored by Pointe to the Future

October 31 -Halloween, classes end at 5:15

October 28 - November 1 - Bring a Friend to Dance Week

November 4-8, Parent Watch Week/Parent Appreciation Week

November 27-30 Thanksgiving Break

December (Date TBA) – Norman Dance Theatre presents: 

The Nutcracker Ballet & Tea Party

December 19 - Classical Ballet Academy’s Christmas Party,

Students and Teachers 5:15-6:30

December 23-January 6 – Christmas Break

January 20 – MLK Holiday

March 16-20 - Spring Break

April 13-14 - Picture Days

May 9 – Ballet studio rehearsal for ballet levels I and up

May 15 Dress Rehearsal 4:00 ages 3-5; 5:30 levels 1 and up

May 16 Spring Performance 2020

Dress Rehearsal and Performance are held at the Reynolds Performing Arts Center